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Wizz PAF Tribute Series


Before you can have a great tribute series you need to have a great pickup, therefore, the foundation upon which the tribute will rest is of primary importance and this is where most aftermarket pickups fall short. Regarding visuals, specs, pride and artistry the Wizz Premium Clone P.A.F. Pickup Set is one of the closest to original P.A.F.s currently available. If you are looking for authentic P.A.F. tone, look no further than the Wizz Premium Clone P.A.F. Pickup Set.

Since the creation of a great tribute series rests so heavily on the foundation set, starting with such an accurate sound as that found on the Wizz Clones is 99% of the battle. Tweaking that set to resemble the tribute you are after then becomes pretty much just a matter of duplicating the DC resistance (which is rather easy if that spec is public knowledge) and finding the correct AlNiCo magnet to duplicate that sound. With a good ear and some attention to detail, amazing results are inevitable.

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