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Step into the world of legendary guitarist Bernie Marsden with our meticulously crafted "Bernie Marsden Beasty Tribute Set". Inspired by the iconic 1959 Les Paul, famously nicknamed "The Beast" by drummer Cozy Powell, this set will unleash the true spirit of rock 'n' roll in your playing.


"The Beast" Les Paul has journeyed through the hands of renowned musicians like Eric Clapton, Paul Kossoff, and Andy Fraser, before ultimately finding its way to Bernie Marsden himself. Now, you can experience the same versatility and vocal prowess that made this guitar an absolute legend.


With our specially designed pickups, you'll possess the power to whisper with delicate finesse, grunt with raw intensity, scream with searing passion, and purr like a cat in the night. Every note will resonate with the unmistakable tone that makes "The Beast" such a coveted Les Paul.


When Bernie Marsden first plugged in "The Beast," he was captivated by its mesmerizing sound. It roared louder, yet maintained a crystal-like clarity with breathtaking definition that turned heads everywhere. Esteemed guitarist Jimmy Page, who’s iconic Les Paul was made in the same month as Bernie's, described "The Beast" as "much thicker and clearer" than other Les Pauls. Even Joe Bonamassa, a revered Les Paul connoisseur, has hailed it as one of the absolute best he's ever played, using it extensively during his performances, as has guitar legend Warren Haynes.


Now, we bring you an extraordinary opportunity. When Gibson's Collector's Choice series replicated "The Beast," it was the only CC whose 300 units were pre-sold before they left the factory. But Gibson fell short with their Alnico III Custombuckers, failing to capture the true essence of the original pickups. Bernie himself acknowledges the CC pickups, just don’t compare to the originals. That's where we stepped in. Wizz has dedicated years perfecting our recreation, achieving what Gibson couldn't.


While we don't have the original Beast to dissect and scrutinize, we do have something just as good: an abundance of recordings of the Beast being played by different players in various settings, and the greatest auditory detective on Earth, a set of finely tuned ears, trained in the fine art of Tonology! Put those together, and we really do believe we've unlocked a pure vein of tonal gold.


But don't just take our word for it. Take the plunge and experience the unparalleled quality for yourself. We guarantee that our "The Beast" Pickup Set stands among the best Wizz has to offer. These pickups are truly THAT exceptional. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your sound to new heights. Try them now and share your thoughts with us. Unleash the beast within!

Beasties (Bernie Marsden Set)

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