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Every single detail of these pickups is 100% vintage correct. They are reproduced down to the smallest detail and are probably the closest P.A.F. replica pickups available on the market today. There is no part of these pickups that can be bought off the shelf, everything is completely custom made, and most of the parts are crafted in our very own workshop (baseplates, keeper bars, slugs, maple spacers, etc.). Nickel sheets and low carbon steel are imported directly from the USA and even the wire is custom manufactured in America exclusively for Wizz pickups.
With great attention to detail, each pickup set is uniquely numbered and takes approximately 20 hours to complete. Not only is the sound and look copied, but these pickups even have the correct smell! If you have a vintage guitar that is missing real P.A.F. pickups, you won't find anything closer to genuine P.A.F. pickups anywhere on the market.

Wizz Premium Clone P.A.F. Pickup Set

  • Here is some additional information:

    - Threaded nickel silver baseplates with silk screened PATENT APPLIED FOR decal
    - Cellulose acetate butyrate bobbins in light cream color (matched to unopened 1959 white P.A.F. pickups)
    - Every set comes with matching butyrate M69 P.A.F. white rings
    - Nickel silver covers with nickel plating and correct "TV shape"
    - Custom made plain enamel 42 AWG wire
    - Low carbon steel keeper bars, slugs and screws
    - Correct mounting screws for pickups to rings and for rings to guitar are included
    - Sand cast Alnico 4 magnets made in the USA (the default is A4, but you also have options for A2, A3, A4 and A5)
    - Aged to perfection, some of our Premium Clone Pickups are already in real bursts and other 1950's and 1960's vintage guitars
    - "Loose" 2 strand braided hookup wire
    - DC resistance of approximately 7.7k ohm for the neck and approximately 8.3k ohm for the bridge pickup

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