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Paul Kossoff is considered by many to be one of the greatest and most influential British rock guitarists of all time and had he not died in 1976, at the tender young age of 25, there really is no telling how high he might have flown. Playing with the English blues rock pioneers "Free", their signature song "All Right Now", released in 1970, put them on the map and remains a rock staple nearly 50 years later! Baby, its all right now!!!

The Wizz P.A.F. Tribute Series is proud to add our rendition of the P.A.F.s from the Kossoff Les Paul, which are partially responsible for his immortal tone, with our ‘All Right Now’ Set. As was true with quite a few of the sunburst Les Pauls released in Gibson's golden age (1958-1960), the neck pickup has a higher output than the bridge, making it ideal for the popular Jazz recordings of the day.

All Right Now (Paul Kossoff Set)

  • The P.A.F.s in Paul Kossoff's 1959 Sunburst Les Paul Standard read 8.52kΩ in the neck and 7.43kΩ in the bridge... and so do ours!! While AlNiCo 3 Magnets were relatively rare in 1959, after extensive testing these are the ones that really nail it for us. It is no wonder that they are the same magnets found in the Limited Edition Paul Kossoff Signature 1959 Les Paul Standard that Gibson released in 2012 following their own analysis of the guitar (and pickups).

    If you are a Kossoff Fan (and few blues rock guitarists are not), and have already mastered his amazing vibrato technique, and gotten yourself a Marshall Super PA, then you are ready for the next piece of the puzzle... ‘All Right Now’ Tone is now within reach, grab a set while our Tribute Sets are available.

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